11:49:02 AM 3/8, 2021
The Concrete mixer is a kind of construction machinery that quickly mixes cement. Many people also call it a cement mixer. Common types include Js Concrete Mixer, planetary concrete mixer, drum concrete mixer.

JS Concrete Mixer For Sale

JS500 Concrete Mixer

The production capacity is 20-25 cubic meters per hour. The exclusive multiple shaft end sealing protection technology is adopted to prevent the shaft end of the mixer from leaking. It has a strong anti-overload ability, low working noise, and stable operation.

JS750 Concrete Mixer

The production capacity is 30-35 cubic meters per hour, uniform mixing, compact structure, beautiful appearance, good sealing, short cycle time, and convenient operation

JS1000 Concrete Mixer

The production capacity is 45-50 cubic meters per hour. The JS1000 concrete mixer adopts high chromium alloy wear-resistant cast iron mixing blade blades, which have a longer service life. The perfect mixing device improves the material flow and reduces the impact and wear of the sand on the blades. Strong overload capacity, low noise, reliable operation.

JS1500 Concrete Mixer

The production capacity is 80-90 cubic meters per hour, the mixing quality is good, the productivity is high, and the concrete of dry hardness, semi-dry hardness, plasticity, and various ratios can be mixed in an ideal time.

JS2000 Concrete Mixer

Special reel, longer life of steel wire rope, precise machining parts, high-quality wear-resistant alloy casting parts, advanced production technology to ensure uniform clearance between mixing blade and liner.

Planetary concrete mixer

The planetary concrete mixer belongs to the vertical shaft mixer, which has the advantages of a non-stick mixing shaft. Compared with the double horizontal shaft forced mixer, the vertical shaft planetary mixer has better lubricity and sealing. The service life of the mixer blade and liner can reach 6 Ten thousand to ten thousand m3 or more. It can meet the continuous production of large quantities and has a long service life.

Drum concrete mixer

Drum concrete mixer is the most cost-effective machine among all mixers, but the quality of the mixed concrete is not as high as that of the previous equipment. The price of drum concrete mixer is very cheap, which is very suitable for building houses and other small projects.

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