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Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Camelway Machinery focus on make the construction equipment, and according to the best price and high quality design to make the Impact Crusher in the Philippines, and we have customer cases in the whole Philippines, help customers to achieve sustainable profits is our ultimate , We can provide free Impact Crusher price,Our company has been committed to providing users with high-quality equipment and fast and thoughtful services for more than 30 years.


The impact crusher is a kind of crushing equipment. It use the high-speed impact of the strike plate and the rebound effect of the strike plate to make materials are repeatedly impacted crushing equipment, this is use the principle of impact crushing to crush materials, also called counter impact crushing, the mainly equipment includes impact plate crusher and impact hammer crusher.

The gap between strike plate and counterattack plate is the Crushing cavity Discharge port size, it can be adjusted by adjusting the tie rod nut. It is suitable for the coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing of medium and low hardness ore materials, When processing high hardness ore, it is limited due to the large consumption of wearing parts, Impact crushers are mainly divided into two categories, single-rotor and dual-rotor impact crushers, It have large crushing ratios, uniform product size and less powdering phenomenon, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving for hard rock crushing, and product particle size adjustment. Large range, adjustable granularity, simplified crushing process, etc. Because of its simple structure, light weight, small size, easy maintenance, large crushing ratio, the impact crusher has a wide range of applications, and has applications in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical, refractory and other industries.

Features of impact crusher

1.     The features of impact crusher can crush more than 200 materials

2.     Its finished product shape is beautiful and uniform

The product has excellent grain shape, it can freely adjust the gap between the impact plate and the hammer, and control the grain size and grain shape of the finished product.

3.     High impact force and high crushing efficiency

4.     Exquisite structure, very compact structure design, and the rotor has a large moment of inertia

5.     Reasonable design of crushing cavity and high production efficiency

6.     Energy-saving and high-yield, large crushing cavity, large block size, high hardness, and stable output

7.     Excellent material selection and long service life, The accessories has Long service life, stable operation, low crushing power, relatively wear-resistant hammer head, the whole equipment has long service life

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