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Used Concrete Batching Plant


Used concrete batching plant Advantages

Compared with the new concrete batching plant, the used concrete batching plant has the advantages of being cheaper, Because the price of the new concrete batching plant is high, The used concrete batching plant price is relatively cheap and easy to be accepted by customers,Camelway has 37 years of history in the concrete batching plant industry. Sold and installed various types of concrete batching plants, Many customers will entrust us to sell the concrete batching plant equipment after they have purchased our products and completed their projects. When we receive information from customers, we will also inspect the concrete batching plant, estimate the price, and find a new owner for the batching plant, We are a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer, producing brand new concrete batching plants, and recycling second-hand concrete batching plants. If you are interested in concrete batching plants, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Used concrete batching plant price

The price of the used batching plant is much lower than that of the new concrete batching plant. We have various types of concrete batching plants. The minimum output can produce 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour, the maximum output can produce 240 cubic meters of concrete per hour, The price of concrete batching plant with the smallest output is $25,000, and the price of the second-hand concrete batching plant will be lower. If you want to get more detailed about our equipment, please feel free to contract us, and we will reply your inquiry as soon as possible within 24 hours.

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