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HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant


The HZS60 concrete batching plant has advanced technology and excellent performance. It adopts the advanced JS1000 mixing host. It has strong mixing, short mixing time, and high working efficiency. It is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized customers.

Compared with similar products on the market, camelway HZS60 concrete batching plant has more advantages:

1. Camelway adopts multiple shaft end seal protection devices and wind pressure seal protection devices to avoid mixer leakage;

2. Dedicated electric lubricating oil pump, four vertical pump cores supply oil to the four shaft heads respectively, no need for diverter valve;

3. French original TE contact switch, reliable and durable;

4. The screw machine uses high-quality steel pipe with good rigidity;

5. Safety switches are installed in many places in the control system, so the safety is good.

HZS60 concrete batching plant Common problems

1. How many cubic meters of concrete can be produced per hour by HZS60 concrete batching plant?

Answer: According to theoretical calculations, the output of an HZS60 concrete batching plant production line is 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. In actual production, due to external factors and the difference in the number of concrete mixed, there will be a certain gap between the theoretical output and the actual output. The actual output is about 55 cubic meters.

2. What is the area of the HZS60 concrete mixing equipment?

Answer: If the equipment is placed in an L-shaped layout, the floor area (length × width): 43 m × 16 m.

3. How much transformer is needed for HZS60 concrete batching plant?

Answer: A production line of HZS60 concrete batching plant, in addition to the electricity used by the mixing equipment, plus other power-consuming equipment, it is recommended that the transformer built by the customer is not less than 150KW.

Small Concrete Batching Plant price

Camelway machinery has small concrete batching plants installed in the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and other countries, The price changes due to the change of equipment configuration, we provide customers with detailed quotation of concrete batching plant before purchasing equipment, please contact us.

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