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HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant


HZS50 batching plant is 50m³ / h batching plant. It is a simple concrete batching plant. It adopts modular design, flexible movement, convenient and fast assembly, convenient transfer, high mixing efficiency, and is the best choice for small-scale engineering construction.

Complete setModelHZS50

Theoretical productivity (m³/h)

Discharge height (m)1.5-3.8
Working cycle time (s)72
Dimensions (mm)10867*13000*8400
Concret mixerModelJS1000
Batching machineModelPLD1600

HZS50 batching plant has the following characteristics:

1. Pressurized top cover water system

The pressurized launching terminal uses a spiral stainless steel nozzle to prevent the additives from corroding the nozzle, the spray area is larger, and the mixing time can be shortened;

2. Small dose measurement technology

Unique low-dose metering technology to meet the requirements of special formulas;

3. Information management

The company's various materials, production, sales and other data can be managed digitally and can be archived on the server;

4. Electro Mechanical interlocking safety device

The electromechanical interlocking safety device that has passed the European safety certification, double insurance, completely eliminate hidden dangers.

How many cubic meters of concrete can the HZS50 batching plant produce per hour?

Answer: A standard set of HZS50 batching plant has a theoretical capacity of 50 cubic meters of concrete per hour. In actual production, affected by various external factors, the actual output is about 40-50m³.

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