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Trailed Concrete Pump

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Camelway Machinery focus on make the construction equipment, and according to the best price and high quality design to make the Trailed Concrete Pump in the Philippines, and we have customer cases in the whole Philippines, help customers to achieve sustainable profits is our ultimate , We can provide free Trailed Concrete Pump price,Our company has been committed to providing users with high-quality equipment and fast and thoughtful services for more than 30 years.


How do think of this machine?

The trailed concrete pump is a kind of equipment that combines mixing and dragging pumps with mixing and pumping functions. It operation is very simple and just one person can operate, the construction operation process is totally automated, remote control automatic feeding, mixing and mixing, high pressure pump is no need for manual participation in delivery work, it can significantly save a lot of labor costs. For the majority of rural friends, buying a concrete delivery pump is always very entangled. We not only focus on the quality of the concrete pump we buy, but also spend the substantial money on the basis of quality, cost-effective coexistence with high quality and the best value for money.

Scope of application: small and medium-sized, Di Da Zhuang and other large aggregate concrete transportation, especially for rural civil construction; township and new rural construction.

Trailed Concrete Pump characteristics

Convenient ——The mixing and pumping is one, fast and convenient to move.
Safety—— pipeline transportation, high safety factor
Energy saving——reduce labor force and labor intensity
Efficient——fully mechanized operation, several times faster than ordinary manual adding equipment
High quality——Pumped concrete has strict requirements on raw materials and guarantees the quality of the project

The traction concrete pump produced by Camelway adopts the nation's first dual-shaft mixing, with fast mixing speed, good quality, and long transmission distance. In additon, the pouring efficiency of the forced mixing tractor pump is very high, and the mixing and conveying concrete can reach 30 cubic meters per hour.

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