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Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment for pumping concrete in the construction site, and it is very popular in today's construction site. It has become the mainstream construction machinery for pumping or mixing concrete. So how much is such a concrete pumping machine? In fact, according to the different functional configurations of the machine, its price will also be different. Camelway sells various concrete pumps such as concrete mixer pump, Trailed concrete pump and Linear Concrete Pump.

  • Concrete Pump Truck, Concrete Pump Truck For Sale, Concrete Pump Truck Manufacturer

    Concrete Pump Truck

    The concrete pump truck due to its mobility, simple operation, and practicality to get the majority of users love, The boom pump extends in the air to pump the concrete to the desired location. It has a long and flexible remote control arm composed of hinged parts, it extends like a crane into the air. It Can be used in areas where pipeline pumps…

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  • Linear Concrete Pump, Linear Concrete Pump in Philippines

    Linear Concrete Pump

    The Linear concrete pump is also called truck-mounted static pump , it can install and supply concrete in the most difficult and limited places. It is installed on the truck base, so employees can directly drive it to work on site. However, these types of concrete pump trucks do not have a boom, so they will need to use a separate placement hose…

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  • Concrete Distribution Booms,Concrete Distribution Booms Manufacturer

    Concrete Distribution Booms

    Concrete distribution arm function is to pump concrete faster, greatly reducing construction time. They can be installed on fixed structures or on tubular columns if necessary. The deflection in both cases occurs on the hydraulic drive tower on the rotating bearing with geared motor. The whole system is electro-hydraulic driven. Includes an…

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  • Trailed Concrete Pump, Towed Concrete Pump, Trailed Concrete Pump For Sale

    Trailed Concrete Pump

    The trailed concrete pump is a kind of equipment that combines mixing and dragging pumps with mixing and pumping functions. It operation is very simple and just one person can operate, the construction operation process is all automated, remote control automatic feeding, mixing and mixing, high pressure pump is no need for manual participation in…

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