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Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer5.0Excellent

Camelway Machinery focus on make the construction equipment, and according to the best price and high quality design to make the Self-Loading Concrete Mixer in the Philippines, and we have customer cases in the whole Philippines, help customers to achieve sustainable profits is our ultimate , We can provide free Self-Loading Concrete Mixer price,Our company has been committed to providing users with high-quality equipment and fast and thoughtful services for more than 30 years.


How do think of this machine?

Camelway produces self-loading concrete mixer based on the principle of mobility. When unloading, it can be moved anywhere. The tank can be rotated 270 degrees horizontally and Lift,  so that can easily unloading where it is needed, which is extremely convenient and fast. Moreover, it is equipped with an auxiliary bracket. The unloading method is not only simple, high speed, but also operation with one lever. Easy to move, suitable for transportation in any place. The four-wheel drive hydraulic transmission and good configuration make it crawl on a slope of 30% under full load. Equipped with center of gravity transfer system, the center of gravity can move back and forth when going uphill and downhill.

The self-loading concrete mixer has simple structure, convenient use, low labor intensity of the operator, high working efficiency, and no power supply characteristics, It is suitable for small-field and field concrete operations. Multi-purpose and effectively improves work efficiency, It is widely used in concrete construction Ideal equipment for engineering.

The mixer can not only take advantage of the loader's performance of easy movement and self-loading, but also the mixing function of the forced concrete mixer.One machine can realize the loading, mixing, transfer, and unloading. Multiple functions.

From the whole Self-loading concrete mixer, its small volume and light weight and load capacity are also suitable for the demand of small cement volume and high frequency after mixing in the process of rural infrastructure construction. At the same time, its performance is reliable and safe, flexible and convenient, and simple operation , Make up the large mixer trucks can not enter narrow roads shortcoming, the price is also cheaper, and at the same time the maintenance price is low, to make the purchase and use of the vehicle is more economical. Besides, it is also suitable for the construction of small towns, roads and bridges, especially subway Tunnel, ore roadway repair, and so on, which has strong advantages.

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