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Planetary Concrete Mixer

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Camelway Machinery focus on make the construction equipment, and according to the best price and high quality design to make the Planetary Concrete Mixer in the Philippines, and we have customer cases in the whole Philippines, help customers to achieve sustainable profits is our ultimate , We can provide free Planetary Concrete Mixer price,Our company has been committed to providing users with high-quality equipment and fast and thoughtful services for more than 30 years.


How do think of this machine?

Planetary concrete mixer is also called vertical shaft concrete mixer. It adopts planetary gear reducer, which has completely low noise, strong mechanical function, high power conversion of the mixer, and takes up little space. The precision machining equipment makes the mixing accuracy of the vertical shaft mixer higher. The planetary concrete mixer determines its mixing quality from working principle to equipment configuration, and its mixing efficiency is better than the general mixer.

The planetary concrete mixer includes a planetary gearbox on the top of the mixer, the feeding device is located in the central area of the top, the gearbox slewing mechanism is connected with the mixing arm, and the mixing drum is install a mixing device, the mixing device usually is more than one group of agitators including mixing ratio, mixing shovel. The planetary concrete mixer discharge port can be set to discharge at the bottom or to open the side door. The discharge device can perform hydraulic discharge or pneumatic discharge.

Camelway Machinery produce vertical axis planetary concrete mixer has low mixing resistance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, scientific structure, and it adopts reliable performance and low noise transmission device, ensure the performance of the mixer.

Vertical axis planetary concrete mixer characteristics

1. The mixer can precisely mix, which can realize stepless speed change and smooth mixing operation.
2. The vertical axis planetary concrete mixer is especially suitable for high difficulty mixing station, which can quickly mix various material forms to microscopic uniformity.
3. The mixer has multi-directional movement, and the materials form intersections without dead angle.

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