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Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is a machine that mixes materials such as gravel cement and water with a certain mixing ratio into uniform concrete that meets quality requirements. Concrete mixers can be divided into two types: self-loading concrete mixers and forced concrete mixers according to different mixing principles class.

Self-loading Concrete Mixer

The self-loading mixer mixing drum inner wall is welded with arc blades.

When the mixing drum rotates around the horizontal axis, the blades continuously raise the material to a certain height, then freely fall and blend with each other.

Forced Concrete Mixer

The forced mixer is mainly based on the shear mechanism to awaken the mixing of the mixture. The mixer has rotate with the mixing shaft blades. A common mixer type is JS concrete mixer.

Camelway Machinery produce concrete mixer is small size, low height, compact layout, convenient loading and transportation, and reasonable and strong structure, and good working reliability.

  • Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer, JS Concrete Mixer, Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

    Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer

    The twin-shaft concrete mixer is more complicated than the single shaft mixer, but it little wear, good mixing quality, and high production efficiency.The twin-shaft mixer compared to vertical shaft and single shaft mixer, it has obvious advantages, The twin-shaft concrete mixer has large capacity and high efficiency. it compared with the self-…

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  • Planetary Concrete Mixer, Planetary Concrete Mixer For Sale, Planetary Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

    Planetary Concrete Mixer

    Planetary concrete mixer is also called vertical shaft concrete mixer. The planetary concrete mixer adopts planetary gear reducer, it has completely low noise, strong mechanical function, high power conversion of the mixer, and takes up little space. The precision machining equipment makes the mixing accuracy of the vertical shaft mixer higher.…

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  • Concrete Mixer Truck, Transit Mixer, Concrete Mixer Truck In Philippines

    Concrete Mixer Truck

    The concrete mixer truck is a transporting concrete cement mixer. The concrete mixer truck transport tank and 4.5T self-unloading chassis are firmly connected with a riding bolt to form a concrete mixer truck. its main function is to quickly mix the concrete. It can be transported to the designated place in time, and it can also be used as a…

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  • Concrete Mixer Pump, Concrete Mixer Pump For Sale, Concrete Mixer Pump Manufacturer,

    Concrete Mixer Pump

    The concrete mixer pump is also called concrete pump, it is consists of pump body and conveying pipe. It is use pressure to continuously convey concrete along the pipeline. It is mainly used in house construction, bridge and construction. At present, it is mainly divided into gate valve concrete delivery pump and S valve concrete delivery pump.…

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  • Self-Loading Concrete Mixer, Carmix For Sale, Self-Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

    Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

    Camelway produce self-loading concrete mixer ia based on the principle of mobility, when unloading, it can be moved anywhere, The tank can be rotated 270 degrees horizontally and Lift, It can unloading where it is needed, Very convenient and fast, It is equipped with an auxiliary bracket. The unloading method not only simple, high speed, but also…

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  • Flat Concrete Mixer, Flat Concrete Mixer Manufacturer, Flat Concrete Mixer For Sale

    Flat Concrete Mixer

    The flat concrete mixer is a shaft-type concrete mixer, it can mix hard, plastic, fluidity, light aggregate concrete and various types of mortar. It is not only suitable for concrete engineering, but also for ceramics and refractory manufacturing. This product is use easy, automatic electricity, just need one person to operate, saving manpower,…

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  • Drum Concrete Mixer, Drum Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

    Drum concrete mixer

    The drum concrete mixer inner wall of the mixing drum has mixing blades arranged radially. When working, the mixing drum rotates around its horizontal axis, and the materials added into the mixing drum are lifted to a certain height by the blade, and then fall by their own weight, so the repeated movements can achieve the effect of uniform…

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