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Workflow Of Concrete Batching Plant


Concrete plant

A concrete plant is a factory that aims to manufacture large quantities of concrete in a short time. But what is this factory made of? At what price to expect for concrete manufactured in a plant?

Workflow Of Concrete Batching Plant

What is a concrete batching plant ?

The concrete batching plant stores the various constituent elements of concrete (water, cement, aggregates and additives) in suitable tanks and then manufactures tailor-made concrete at the request of each customer. Concrete manufactured in a plant is produced in large quantities and is of high quality, since the plant must comply with the regulations in force (notably standard NF EN 206-1).

Did you know ?

Do not confuse concrete plant with concrete mixer!

The first is a fixed production unit while the second allows manual production of concrete in small quantities, directly on site. Please note: depending on the case, mobile concrete plants can also be installed on large-scale construction sites. These allow direct concrete production according to the progress of the pouring. This type of mobile unit requires a large space for its installation as well as a constant supply of water. As a rule, its production rate is 35 m3 of concrete / hour. In practice, the mobile concrete batching plant is used in rare circumstances, for professional sites.

The concrete produced in the plant can be of all kinds: traditional concrete, polished concrete, deactivated, sanded concrete or even colored or bituminous concrete. 

Workflow Of Concrete Batching Plant1

concrete batching plant in philippines

Each Philippines concrete player has its own concrete plants spread throughout Philippines, each with its own characteristics. However, any traditional concrete plant has the following elements:

Cement silos. The cement used by concrete plants is mainly Portland cement, 95% clinker.

The aggregate silo (s) (gravel and sand) which can be vertical or horizontal. Sand and gravel are transported by truck, train or boat from the quarries. Upon arrival, they pass through a hopper before being transported via conveyor belt to this storage silo.

The weighing system : the water inlet and the pumps for the transfer of liquid materials.

How concrete batching plant work

1: preparation and transport of aggregates

The aggregates are the first to be added to the concrete mixer. They are therefore transported via a skip from their silo to a dosing tank. the aggregates, once weighed and sieved, are placed directly in the mixer or in a waiting hopper.

2: transfer of the concrete

mixture are transported from their tanks to waiting hoppers (by means of belts or pumps) or else directly poured into the mixer following the aggregates, in the following order: cement, water then additives.

3: Concrete mixer mixing

Concrete mixing takes place for a determined time, depending on the nature of the latter. Also, the mixing time depends on the amount of material to be produced. 

4.Loading concrete for delivery

After the concrete is made, pour it into a concrete mixer truck, and the concrete mixer truck continuously mixes the mixture on the way so that it does not harden and maintain the consistency of the concrete.

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