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When to Buy a Concrete Batching Plant


When to buy a concrete batching plant?

In any building, concrete is an essential material. Its various formulations and characteristics can ensure the durability and strength of the structure. In most cases, customers will order finished concrete, but is this always the best solution?

In the past few years, due to the controllability and economic benefits of the concrete production process, construction leaders prefer to use their own concrete batching plants (factories).

During the purchase of the concrete batching plant by the team of the International Concrete Equipment Factory, our manager decided to ask the client why he decided to purchase a concrete plant instead of continuing to order concrete mixture.

When to Buy a Concrete Batching Plant1

Why buy concrete batching plant?

1- Remote construction projects

Future construction projects are located where there is no developed infrastructure, so the delivery of concrete is very expensive, the transportation time exceeds the prescribed time, and the construction schedule is violated.

2- Poor quality of mortar

Our clients have been engaged in the construction industry for more than 30 years and have noticed the following trends-with the fact that many new concrete manufacturers have appeared on the market, their quality has also dropped significantly. The most common causes are failure to follow the recipe, freezing in winter, inadequate mixing, and the declared volume does not match the actual volume.

3- Profitability

Nowadays, high-quality concrete is not cheap. If you still have to consider the transportation cost of its transportation and pay the work cost of employees, then this cost is considerable. With your own concrete batching plant, you can not only save, but Can make money too.

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