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What is the Cement Mixer

Aaron posted this article in August 22, 2020

What is the Cement Mixer

A cement mixer is a machine with blades that rotates in a cylinder or tank to stir and mix a variety of raw materials to make it a mixture of suitable consistency.  cement mixer is also called a concrete mixer, divided into the forced mixer, single-shaft mixer, twin-shaft mixer, etc. Cement mixers are widely used in high-efficiency equipment for mixing, dispersing and dissolving cement, coatings and solids, and chemical products such as inks, pigments, and adhesives. The equipment is composed of five parts: hydraulic system, main drive, mixing system, guiding mechanism, and electric control box. , The structure of each part of the equipment is compact and reasonable.

What is the Cement Mixer (2)

A cement mixer is a device that mixes building materials such as cement and sand. The mixer is mainly used for on-site mixing in the construction industry, The concrete mixed by the cement mixer must be transported by the mixer truck to the place where the concrete is used. Generally, concrete mixer trucks are used in mixing stations. Now many cities generally promote commercial concrete, which can save costs and reduce dust pollution. The profit is usually over 35%, and the cost can generally be recovered within two years of business.

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