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What is Precast Concrete

Aaron posted this article in July 09, 2020

What is Precast Concrete ?

PC is the abbreviation of precast concrete (precast concrete), which is called PC component in the field of residential industrialization. Such as precast reinforced concrete column foundation foundation, prefabricated steel structure steel column foundation, street lamp billboard column reinforced concrete foundation, prefabricated floor slab. Correspondingly, the traditional cast-in-place concrete needs on-site mold making, on-site pouring and on-site maintenance. Precast concrete parts are widely used in construction, transportation, water conservancy and other fields, and play an important role in the national economy.

What is Precast Concrete

Use of precast concrete

Precast concrete is part of our daily life. Whether concrete paving stones on our roads and sidewalks, lighting poles along the roadways, you will find them everywhere. Even at home, precast concrete is present: concrete blocks, walls, tiles and even pipes, septic tanks and rainwater cisterns.

What is Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete advantages

1. Precast concrete construction is less expensive

2. Quality

3. Precast concrete is safe

4. Working with precast concrete is effective

5. Innovation

6. Precast concrete elements: durable and environmentally friendly

How to produce Precast Concrete

How to produce Precast Concrete, we must first mix the concrete. The mixing machinery generally uses Concrete Batching Plant, or Cocrete Mixer to mix the concrete, pour the mixed concrete into the mold prepared in advance, and wait until the concrete is solidified. Prefabricated parts are a very profitable industry.

Camelway is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing plants. It can quickly produce large quantities of high-quality concrete and obtain sustainable profits for customers. Whether it is selling concrete or making prefabricated parts, it can obtain high profits. You can contact us. We are online all day.

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