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What is Camelway Concrete Batching Plant

Aaron posted this article in August 28, 2020

The concrete batching plant is a combined device for concrete production, also known as a ready-mix concrete plant. Due to its high degree of automation and mechanization, it has a high production efficiency, and guarantees the quality of concrete and saves cement. It is often used in construction projects with large construction volumes, long periods, and concentrated sites, such as large and medium-sized buildings for hydraulic, electrical, and bridge conservation. With the development of urban construction, the concrete batching plant capable of providing commercial concrete has great advantages and has developed rapidly. At the same time, it must be combined with concrete mixer trucks and concrete pumps, therefore, it promotes the development of the construction machinery industry.

Parts Of A Concrete Plant

The concrete batching plant mainly consists of five systems, such as the mixing system, the transport system, the storage system, the weighing system and the control system, and some accessories. Camelway has various types of concrete mixers and dosing machines, customers can choose according to need. In addition, in our company, there is a cement silo for sale, which has various capacities, and the silos can be used to store grain, soy, sand, lime, and water.

What is Camelway Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching Plant In Camelway

At Camelway, our concrete batching plants are stationary and mobile. Stationary type models are from HZS25, 35 to HZS-240, which are suitable for commercial concrete production. And the mobile type models are from YHZS-25 toYHZS-120, which are suitable for a variety of small projects. Others are belt concrete plants,skip-hopper 

concrete plants, and ready-mix concrete plants. You can find the product you want on our website and send us an email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sale Of Concrete Plant

The concrete batching plant at Camelway is a hot product of the company. Every year, many concrete plants are exported to various countries and regions around the world. Our products have obtained ISO and CE certificates and the quality is completely guaranteed. As a professional manufacturer of concrete machinery, our products are of high quality, good service, and reasonable prices. If you have any need. Contact Us!

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