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What is a Self-Loading Concrete Mixer


Self-loading concrete mixers are usually movable, and the bottom of the mixer is equipped with freely movable wheels. Now, concrete mixers are usually used for automatic feeding, which is an important manifestation of the development of the concrete mixing industry. The concrete mixer is now more automated and saves manpower.

Self-loading concrete mixer is equipped with a hopper at the charging end, The hopper is generally placed on the ground at the beginning, The process of loading materials into the concrete mixing drum is called a self-loading concrete mixer.

What is a Self Loading Concrete Mixer1

As we all know, the road conditions on construction sites are complex, and the roads are generally narrow and barren. On rainy days, it will be difficult for the operator to drive. In addition, whether it is feeding or unloading, the traditional concrete mixer needs the cooperation of other machines. The whole process is usually troublesome. It will affect construction efficiency to a certain extent.

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