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What is a Impact Crusher?


The Camelway impact crusher is designed to crush a variety of materials, and is used to finely crush ores and non-metallic materials of any strength and strength by hitting it against a fixed large obstacle. It refers to a small crusher that accepts materials with an initial particle size not exceeding 180 mm. The size of the finished product depends on the characteristics of the material (strength, fracture) and the impact speed of the material (the speed at which the material separates from the accelerator).

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The working principle of the impact crusher is based on the acceleration of the centrifugal force of the material fragments in the accelerator and the speed at which they fly into the grinding chamber at high speed, which greatly exceeds the critical damage rate of the material, where the accelerated material hits the material in the grinding chamber cavity The debris forms a lining crusher. When a stone-to-stone or free shock impact occurs, the fragments will be broken into smaller fragments according to the split surface of the mineral, the boundary of the mineral fusion in the rock and the internal cracks. The resulting crystal grains have a shape close to the crystal shape, and actually have no internal cracks, that is, their compressive strength is increased relative to the strength of the original sheet.

Impact crusher characteristics:

  1. More than 200 materials can be broken
  2. The finished grain shape is beautiful and uniform. The product has excellent grain shape, and can freely adjust the gap between the impact plate and the hammer to control the grain size and grain shape of the finished product
  3. High impact force and high crushing efficiency
  4. Exquisite structure, very compact structure design, the rotor has a large rotational inertia
  5. Reasonable design of crushing cavity and high production efficiencyEnergy-saving and high-yield, large crushing cavity, large material size, high hardness and stable output
  6. Excellent material selection and long service lifeLong service life of accessories, stable operation, low crushing power, relatively wear-resistant hammer head, and long service life of the entire equipment

Equipment advantages:

  1. Application of primary and secondary crushing
  2. Reduce the consumption of building materials
  3. High performance
  4. Evenly crushed.

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