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What is a Concrete Pump


What is a concrete pump?

What is a concrete pump: the concrete pump uses continuous pressure to transport concrete along the pipeline. Composed of pump and delivery pipe. The structure is divided into piston, extrusion, and pressure diaphragm. The pump is installed on the chassis of the car or re-equipped with a telescopic arm deformed, it consists of a pump.

The approximate types of concrete pumps: piston concrete pump, squeeze concrete pump, pressure diaphragm concrete pump, piston mortar pump, diaphragm mortar pump, pneumatic mortar pump, screw mortar pump.

What is a Concrete Pump

Piston concrete pump

Hydraulic and mechanical drive transmission types. The hydraulic drive of the concrete pump is composed of a hopper, hydraulic cylinder and piston, concrete tank, distribution valve, Y-tube, cleaning equipment, hydraulic system, and power system. The hydraulic pressure pushes the piston to reciprocate. When the piston moves the suction when the Y-tube is pushed through the concrete and pressed into the concrete cylinder tube. After pumping the concrete, clean it with high-pressure water or compressed air pumps and pipes. The piston displacement of a concrete pump depends on the number and diameter of the concrete cylinder, the speed of the reciprocating piston, and the suction volume efficiency of the concrete cylinder.

Broken concrete pump

There are three types of double rotor wheel type, straight wheel type, and three-wheel groove type. Double-rotor wheel concrete pump, hopper, pump, squeeze hose, vacuum system, and power system components. The pump seal, the mainframe of the pump rotor with two planetary gears, the inner wall of the pump is lined with a rubber pad, which squeezes the hose within a few weeks. The planetary roller drives the rotating power unit to roll the extruded hose and squeeze the exhaust pipe in the concrete pipe. The vacuum pump system can maintain a certain degree of vacuum in the body, promote the squeezed hose to return to its original shape, and accelerate the squeezing of the concrete hopper suction hose. The displacement of the broken concrete pump depends on the gyration radius and the rotation speed of the rotor, which will compress the hose diameter and the volumetric efficiency of concrete suction.

Hydraulic diaphragm concrete pump

It consists of a hopper, pump, diaphragm control valve, pump, and fuel tank. Diaphragm pump body, when the water pump control valve is pumped out through the water tank below the diaphragm, the diaphragm settles, and the concrete hopper pressure opens the check valve to enter the pump; when the water tank pump control valve is pumped out by the water pump, the water pressure causes the diaphragm to rise and close The check valve will be pressed into the drain of the concrete pipe.

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