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Why block making machine prices are different

Aaron posted this article in August 11, 2020

The cement block making machines price on the market vary greatly. Although there are many new cement block making machines, the basic technology is not much different. There are many reasons for the price difference of cement block making machines.

block making machine2

What are the reasons that usually affect the block making machine equipment price?

1. Raw material prices.

Steel is the main raw material of cement block making machines, so the price of domestic steel directly affects the price market of cement block making machines. If domestic steel prices are still rising as last year, the price of cement block making machines will also rise. At this time, customers who need to purchase cement block making machines should consider the quotation given by the manufacturer. If the quotation is significantly lower than the average market price, it means that the product quality is absolutely unqualified. After all, the business will not lose money.

2. manufacturing cost.

The specifications and production parameters of the cement block making machine are also the main factors affecting the price. When purchasing, choose the appropriate specifications according to the actual situation of the enterprise. For the cement block making machine equipment of the same specification, you should know more about the prices of several suppliers, and shop around will not be deceived by irregular manufacturers

3. Production technology.

The product has high technical content and the sales price is naturally expensive

4. The price of cement block making machine varies with the degree of automation.

The same model, but you have different levels of automation and different prices. Generally divided into automatic production lines, semi-automatic production lines and economical production lines. Each production line has different characteristics. Fully automatic production lines are expensive, but the labor intensity is low and the staff is small. Generally only 5-6 people are required to operate. The economic production line is relatively cheap, but the labor intensity is high, the labor force is large, but the operation and maintenance are convenient.

If you want to know the model price and technical parameters of the block making machine, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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