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What are the models of small Concrete Batching Plant

Aaron posted this article in August 25, 2020

Small concrete batching plants are mostly used in construction sites, so what models are available for small concrete batching plants? How does it work?

Types of small concrete batching plant

The small concrete batching plant is also the HZS concrete batching plant, and it is also the equipment using the JS series Twin-shaft concrete mixer as the Host machine. There is not many small concrete batching plants, mainly HZS25 concrete batching plants, HZS35 concrete batching plants, and HZS50 concrete batching plants,The area is small and the production efficiency is high. You can choose the model of a small concrete batching plant according to actual needs.

What are the models of small Concrete Batching Plant

Work process of small concrete batching plant

The aggregate is discharged from the discharging door of the aggregate bin of the batching machine into the aggregate measuring hopper for measurement, After measuring, unload it on the running flat belt,The material on the flat belt is sent to the bucket elevator, At the same time, cement and fly ash are transported by screw conveyor to their respective measuring hoppers for measurement, Water and admixtures are pumped by the water pump and admixtures to their respective measuring hoppers for measurement, After measuring various materials, The control system issues instructions to start feeding into the mixer for mixing, Stir completely.

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