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What are the Concrete Batching Plant Types

Aaron posted this article in September 07, 2020

The equipment of the concrete batching plant is composed of a concrete mixer, a weighing system, a conveying system, a storage system, and a control system. Compared with the previous single-machine production mode, efficiency is improved several times. The coordinated use of each system greatly saves production time. Professional batching plant manufacturers, commercial batching plant prices, investment in concrete batching plants are very profitable, but we need to know a lot of knowledge before preparing to build, we must have a general understanding of the commercial batching plant type.

There are many types of concrete batching plants, ranging from 25 to 180. We all know that they can be divided into three types: small, medium, and largely based on these numbers, but many users do not know the specifics of small batching plants. Refer to which model, how big the large-scale batching plant is, and how to choose the model of the batching plant. The model size of the concrete batching plant is mainly determined by the concrete mixer, and the output of concrete batching plants with similar models is different mainly due to the difference in other configurations.

What are the models of concrete batching plant equipment

The size of the batching plant is named according to its theoretical production per hour. At present, the commonly used specifications in my country are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS150, HZS180, HZS240, etc. For example, HZS25 refers to a batching plant with an hourly production capacity of 25 cubic meters. The main machine is a Twin-shaft concrete mixer. If the main machine uses a single-shaft concrete mixer, the model is HZD25.

Compared with the aggregate measurement of the concrete mixing tower, the aggregate measurement of the concrete batching plant reduces four intermediate links. And it is vertical blanking and metering, which saves metering time and greatly improves production efficiency, In the case of the same model, the production efficiency of the mixing tower is one-third higher than the production efficiency of the batching plant.For example, the production efficiency of the HLS90 concrete tower is equivalent to the production efficiency of the HZS120 concrete plant, the production efficiency of the HLS120 concrete tower is equivalent to the production efficiency of the HZS180 concrete plant, and the production efficiency of the HLS180 concrete tower is equivalent to the production efficiency of the HZS240 concrete plant.

All parts of the world have gradually begun to build green commercial concrete batching plants, forming a "three-in-one" urban bulk cement development pattern of bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete, and ready-mixed mortar. This pattern has received good economic, social, and environmental benefits

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