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Vertical Concrete Mixer for Sale


Camelway vertical concrete mixer consists of two main parts: a steel bowl with one or more fan-shaped doors, depending on the size of the mixer, with manual, pneumatic or hydraulic door drives, and up to 4 doors can be installed. The driving part consists of a cover with an inspection port, a loading port and a special gearbox. The design of the gearbox is not simple. A maximum of 3 cleaners and forced rotating blade assemblies can be installed on the gearbox, depending on the size of the bowl

Vertical concrete mixer 1

Complete set of vertical concrete mixer:

1. Concrete mixer bowl.

2. Planetary reducer.

3. 1 or 2 electric motors (depending on the mixer model).

4. The mixing blade is 8-20 mm, and the hardness is HB500.

5. The armor thickness is 8-15 mm, and the hardness is HB 500 (detachable).

6. Cover the inspection hole.

7. Small model with manual or pneumatic seal.

8. An oversized model with hydraulic shutters, including a hand pump for emergency opening of the hatch.

The vertical concrete mixer main advantages:

1. Efficient mixing of rigid and super rigid compounds

2. High homogeneity of the concrete mixture in a short time

The vertical concrete mixers scope:

1. Production of concrete and reinforced concrete products

2. Production of ready-mixed concrete

3. Production of refractory concrete

4. Used in the chemical industry and metallurgy.

If you want to know the model price and technical parameters of the vertical concrete mixer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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