06:38:43 AM 3/5, 2021

Used 25m/3 Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Manila


Now there is a concrete batching plant that produces 25 cubic meters per hour in Manila for sale. Customers who want to buy a concrete batching plant but don’t have enough funds can contact us. This 25m3/h concrete batching plant uses a small area of hopper type feeding. The appearance adopts simple construction, easy to disassemble, and install.

Used 25m3 Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Manila1

Manila 25m/3 Concrete Batching Plant price

The price of Manila's used small concrete batching plant is definitely much cheaper than the brand new batching plant, Brand new 25m/3 concrete batching plant price is about $27,000, But used concrete batching plant will be much cheaper than a brand new batching plant, But the specific price still needs to be discussed with the seller, We are a manufacturer of concrete mixing plants, Help customers sell this Manila second-hand 25m/3 concrete batching plant, Customers who want to know the product contact us for detailed prices.

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