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Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer for sale in Manila


Camelway committed market research, design, manufacturing, sale, service as the business model, and client cases are all over the world include so many companies from Philippines. Camelway has participated the supply of concrete batching plant about 30 projects in Philippines. In this article, we will discuss twin shaft concrete mixer in Manila, Philippines.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for sale in Manila

About Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer

There are a lot of types of concrete mixer such as compulsory concrete mixer. The twin-shaft concrete mixer is one example of compulsory concrete mixer, and it is the main machine type currently selected for most concrete batching plant equipment.

The Features of Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer

It puts stones, sand, cement, additives and water into the mixer in a certain proportion through the batching system, and drives the blades through the rotation of the mixing shaft to forcibly mix them into concrete that meets the requirements. It can mix dry hard, plastic, fluid, lightweight aggregate and other concrete and various mortars. The cylinder body is lined with wear-resistant liners and mixing blades. And it has the advantages of durability and easy replacement.

The twin-shaft concrete mixer is the main core part of the concrete batching plant, and the shaft sealing is one of the most important parts. The shaft sealing is located on the mixing shaft of the mixer, between the mixing blade and the supporting bearing, and its main function is to prevent slurry leakage at the shaft end.

The Benefits of Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer

  • Easy maintenance. The twin shaft concrete mixer has long maintenance period. All you need to do is cleaning regularly.
  • Working efficiently. Twin shaft concrete mixer could complete the mixing process within short time include filling, mixing and discharging.
  • Abrasion Resistance. The operating principle of twin shaft concrete mixer is able to reduce the wear between blades, arms.
  • Better mixing performance. The mixing power of twin shaft concrete mixer is stronger than traditional mixer. Therefore, all the material will be mixed completely without uneven segregation.

Contact Camelway Machinery

Camelway Construction Machinery specializes in the production of twin-shaft concrete mixers. If you encounter a related problem that cannot be solved, you can communicate with our online customer service, or call our hotline, or you can leave a message on our website, we have professionals who will make detailed plans based on your situation for your reference.

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