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Truck Mounted Concrete Pump


This truck-mounted concrete pump manufactured by Camelway has been widely used in various concrete construction projects, including urban construction, road, bridge, and dam construction, power base construction, etc. This concrete pumping machine can continuously transport concrete.

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Technical parametersItemUnitsconcrete pump

Theoretical concrete displacement (high/low pressure)m³/h60/85
Theoretical concrete outlet pressure (high/low pressure)MPa18/12
Hydraulic system pressureMPa32
Main pump oil displacementml/r260
Power of active force and speed of rotationkw194/2000
Master cylinder diameter/rod diameter × strokemmΦ150/Φ90×Φ1800
Transport cylinder diameter × strokemmΦ200×1800
inversion frequency (high/low-pressure )Times / min17/25
Hopper capacity × feed material heightm³×mm0.6×1500
Falling concretemm120-230
Max. Theoretical vertical heightM280
High and low-pressure switch/Automatic
Hydraulic oil tank capacityL600
Vehicle parametersTotal lengthmm9010
Total widthmm2470
Total heightmm3060
Total masskg13000
Chassis parametersChassis model/EQ1128GLJ1 DONGFENG EQ1128GLJ1
Chassis Engine Model/ISDe180 40 (CUMMINGS 132KW) ISDe180 40 (Cummings 132KW)
Emission standard/Nacional IV
Max. vehicle speedkm/h95
Fuel tank capacityL160x2
Distance between axismm4700

1. This truck-mounted concrete pump not only has the advantages of a trailer pump for conveying concrete to tall buildings but also has high flexibility and efficiency of use.

2. The user-friendly design of this concrete pump enables exceptional maintainability, as well as safe and convenient operation.

3. All four legs can be controlled manually through multi-tandem valves, with one valve to one leg. The oil cylinder of each leg is designed with a bi-directional hydraulic lock, which ensures stable support in any situation.

4. The S-type pipe valve system ensures high tightness, simple structure, reliable performance, and convenience for changing wearing parts quickly.

5. The specially designed hopper of this concrete pump does not trap materials in it and has only a very small area that cannot be reached, therefore it is suitable for multiple concrete formulas.

6. The large-diameter piston-cylinder comes with a special shock absorber, which ensures the outstanding damping effect and powerful oscillation.

7. The main parts of the hydraulic system, ie pump and valve are supplied by Rexroth and Atos companies.

8. Our truck-mounted concrete pump employs a fully automatic high and low pressure reversing valve with a large diameter, which enables easy and fast changeover, and ensures high reliability.

9. The main oil return unit has shock absorbed by the auxiliary fuel tank and is cooled by a double cooling fan, thus it can keep stable pressure and low oil temperature.

10. The chassis engine and the upper engine adopt different diesel tanks. The top diesel engine diesel tank has a super large capacity, which can meet customer needs for long-term work.

11. The main electrical components of our concrete pump are world-renowned brands, ensuring the reliability of the electrical control system.

12. The construction machine is available in two modes of operation, for example, panel control and remote control.

13. The main electric oil pump with constant power control unleashes the efficiency of the main power supply. The displacement of the oil pump can be adjusted to your liking.

14. The truck-mounted concrete pump has two ways of concrete delivery, namely high-pressure low displacement and low-pressure large displacement, which can switch automatically.

15. With an independent water tank and pump, it allows truck washing in an environment where water is not accessible.

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