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The Maintenance of 90m3/h Concrete Batching Plant


HSZ90 concrete batching plant is high production concrete batching plant. In the daily using, the small part of wear and corrosion, reduction or deterioration of lubrication, loosening or displacement of hardware, etc., these will cause the reduction of power, economy, safety and reliability of mechanical equipment. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the equipment must be done well.

The most important part of HZS90 concrete batching plant is central mixer. It response for the mixing and production of concrete. Therefore, in the daily maintenance, the central mixer is a part that can never be ignored

The maintenance of HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

How to Maintain Central Mixer?

  • First of all, making daily inspection before doing the main work. We must inspect whether the central mixer is works or not, is there any surplus material in the machine, and we must clean it out before it start again if yes. This way is able to avoid solid material hurts machine.
  • Secondly, gap between the mixing blade and the liner in the main mixing chamber inspection. It related to the operation of central mixer. Once if the gap bigger than stone, the stone will stuck at gap causing central mixer stop working. Seriously directly damage the mixing shaft and motor of the mixing host. Therefore, once the gap bigger than 8mm, we highly suggest you to adjust it.
  • Replace the lubricating oil of the mixing main engine gearbox. In general situation, we have to change the lubricating oil after working 50 hours when we get the new equipment. After that, we only need to change oil every 1,000 hours using.

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