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Temporary Concrete Batching Plant in Boracay

Aaron posted this article in July 13, 2020

The temporary Concrete Batching plant is also called a simple Concrete plant. The biggest feature is its easy disassembly and low price, but the quality is very good. There is no difference between the concrete produced and the concrete produced by the commercial Batching Plant.

1. Installation of the concrete mixer

The temporary batching plant on the construction site has a small concrete mixer area and generally does not lay concrete foundations, but it must be flat and firm with square wood support pads to reduce vibration and shaking during work to extend the service life of the machine. For large-capacity stationary mixers, basic design and installation should be carried out in accordance with the instruction manual of the machine.

Temporary Concrete Batching Plant in Boracay

Since the center of gravity of the hopper feeding mixer is biased to the side of the feed port, the side of the feed port is allowed to be a little higher during installation to facilitate the discharge. To facilitate loading, the terrain should be fully utilized, and a loading table should be built. The height of the loading table should be flush with the plane when the hopper is lowered.

Temporary Concrete Batching Plant in Boracay1

The loading device of the compulsory concrete mixer. For example, the loading device of the JD2000 type is composed of a loading rack, a hopper, a hoisting mechanism, and a control mechanism. The track of the loading rack should extend into the pit for easy loading. If the bucket truck is used to transport the concrete, the chassis frame can be raised and rails can be added.

2. Installation of chute

The chute of the concrete mixer should have sufficient inclination, generally, 45 degrees, the height difference between the end and the poured concrete should not exceed 1.5-2m; if the height difference is too large, buffer measures (buffer tubes, buffer files or chutes, etc.) should be adopted, To prevent segregation of concrete.

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