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Small Concrete Batching Plant in Myanmar

Aaron posted this article in April 24, 2020

small concrete batching plant Introduction

Myanmar 35m3/h concrete batching plant belongs to one of the small engineering concrete batching plant series. The complete set of concrete batching plant includes a forced concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, cement silo, concrete screw conveyor, conveyor belt, control system, etc. 

Common types are 35m3/h concrete batching plant, the theoretical productivity of 35m3/h concrete batching plant is 35m3/h, which is also called HZS35 small concrete batching plant, 35m3/h batch plant, HZS35 small concrete batching plant, etc. The concrete mixer adopts JS750 forced concrete mixer, the motor power is 30KW, concrete The batching machine adopts PLD1200 concrete batching machine, the loading machine is loaded, the cement silo specification is 2×100t, the cement weighing range and precision (0~1500)±1%kg, the weighing range and precision of the admixture (0~50)±1 %kg, the aggregate weighing accuracy is ±2%, the discharge height is 3.8 meters, and the total installed power is 89KW, in order to meet the production needs.

Small Concrete Batching Plant in Myanmar (2)

Myanmar small concrete batching plant performance characteristics

1. It adopts the modular structure, the whole machine is installed, and the relocation is very convenient.

2. The main machine adopts Twin-shaft concrete mixer, which has good mixing effect and high production efficiency.

3, the aggregate uses PLD concrete batching machine, accurate measurement, and high production efficiency.

4. The ingredients of cement, water, fly ash and admixture are all measured by the electronic scale, and the accuracy of the ingredients is accurate.

5. The electrical control components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad, with reliable performance, convenient operation and use, and printing function.

6, concrete batching plant overall beautiful and generous, environmentally friendly, safe, easy to disassemble, all powder in the transportation, metering, delivery process are in a sealed state, completely eliminate dust.

7. Advanced control system adopts the smallest domestic batching control instrument, accurate and stable ingredients, effective control error, and fault diagnosis system. Users can eliminate faults by themselves, formula storage and exchange flexibility, and can change the formula at any time.

For Example :

35m3/h concrete batching plant technical parameters

Theoretical productivity: 35m3/h

Host model: JS750 forced concrete mixer

Host nominal capacity: 750L

Stirring aggregate maximum particle size: 80mm

Mixing motor power: 30KW

Hopper lifting power: 7.5KW

Batching machine model: PLD1200 concrete batching machine

Aggregate batching capacity: 1200L

Cement silo capacity and tonnage: 80/100T optional

Concrete screw conveyor: 40t/h

Unloading height: 3.8m

Working cycle time: 72s

35m3/h Myanmar small concrete batching plant manufacturer

Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. It is a 35m3/h concrete batching plant manufacturer. Welcome new and old customers to visit and purchase.

35m3/h concrete batching plant price consultation telephone: 15617971467 or WhatsApp: 15617971467

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