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Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Mayanmar


small concrete batching plant Introduction

Small concrete batching plant is a simple concrete batching plant designed by our company to respond to customers' professional. Compared with commercial concrete batching plant, small concrete batching plant is more concise and more convenient to install. If the installation and disassembly of large concrete batching plant takes four days Time, then the small simple concrete batching plant can be completed in two days or even one day.

The small concrete batching plant price is also the customer's most concerned, the price of small concrete batching plant is cheaper than the commercial batching plant price ,The specific price depends on the configuration, you can contact us for a quote.

Small concrete batching plants are mainly used in construction sites, so assembly of components is very simple, greatly increasing the rate of installation and disassembly.

Myanmar's small concrete batching plant uses a Twin-shaft concrete mixer, the latest PLD batching machine, can maximize production capacity, and is widely used in roads, bridges, power stations, dams and other projects that have on-site construction work. It can also be equipped with trolleys, dump trucks, mixers, and can be modified according to the special requirements of users.

Small concrete batching plant case

Myanmar has higher requirements on the strength and quality of concrete. The concrete batching plant produced by camelway has higher mixing efficiency and lower energy consumption, and can meet various types of concrete production.

After contacting us through our website for a quotation for a small concrete batching plant, Myanmar customers decided to visit our company. After confirming the strength of our company and the quality of the batching plant, they directly signed a contract with us to purchase a complete set of HZS50 Concrete batching plant,

After one month of use, the customer reported that the batching plant is easy to operate and the production efficiency is also very high. It can reach an average of 50m3 / h. 

Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Mayanmar

Small Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Mayanmar1

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