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Small Concrete Batching Plant Advantages


Small concrete batching plant advantages

Mini concrete plants can significantly simplify and reduce the cost of the production process.

Installation near the site reduces the distance required to deliver the mix, making it possible to avoid buying or renting additional equipment for concrete transportation.

They take up less space, which means they can be used on small sites, as well as during underground and mining operations, when dimensions play a decisive role.

To deliver a mini concrete plant to the site, it is enough to use one capacious container, wh also reduces the cost of attracting additional equipment.

The simplicity of the design allows for quick assembly, assembly and disassembly, allowing more time to work and less downtime. Preparation and launch also take a minimum of time.

No need to rent large areas for storing equipment outside of working hours. For these purposes, a container or small room can also be used.

Small Concrete Batching Plant Advantages

Complete set of small concrete batching plants

The standard equipment includes the following basic elements:

Aggregate silos

Mixing unit

Water flow control unit

Pneumatic system

Cement loading auger

Band conveyer

Operator's cab

Control system

Remote Control

Also, depending on the model, it can be provided with the possibility of completing with such elements as containers for additives, a system for feeding additives, a system for measuring the moisture content of sand.

Main characteristics of small concrete plant

There is a choice of mini-plants for the production of concrete in various modifications. In particular, Camelway's plant includes 2 basic models: aboveground and underground.

Apart from the scope of application, the models are quite similar to each other. These characteristics and features are relevant for both trim levels:

Maximum air flow up to 20 m3 / h

Compact dimensions (length 22.700 mm, width 10.665, height 9.400 mm including silo)

Equipped with a 14-meter conveyor for loading the mixture

Equipped with two two-section bins with a total volume of 14 m3

The presence of an operator's cab of increased safety with protective grilles


Compact batching plants can be used in the production of concrete mix, as well as various mortars and shotcrete. The quality of the material largely depends on the raw materials used, so it is crucial to pay special attention to its choice.

Small Concrete Batching Plant Advantages1

There are 4 basic components:

Camelway cement brand M-300 and higher

Crushed granite, limestone or gravel with strength from 800 kgf / cm2

Quarry or river sand, thoroughly washed from impurities

Water from a water supply system or purified river water

In its most general form, the proportion is as follows: cement - 1 part, sand - 2, crushed stone - 4, water - 0.5.

The quality of concrete is controlled by GOST 18105-2010. This standard applies to all brands for which strength is strictly standardized, as well as concrete for precast, monolithic, precast monolithic and reinforced concrete structures.

In the table below you can get acquainted with the coefficient of the required strength for various types of concrete produced in accordance with GOST 18105-2010.

The coefficient of the required strength for various types of concrete during production according to GOST 18105-2010

Choosing small concrete batching plant 

The possibility of obtaining the finished mixture directly at your site.

Availability of installation even on small sites for work in confined spaces.

Accurate control of the volume of the mixture produced without excess, determined by current needs.

The ability to quickly change the location if necessary to provide material for another object.

Minimum costs for the purchase and maintenance or rental of additional equipment.

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