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Six reasons to buy a Concrete Batching Plant


To stay afloat, you need to constantly move forward. The times when construction was delayed "for years" are long gone. Modern developers master new building technologies, apply innovative knowledge and equipment to help them work quickly and efficiently, and minimize costs. Own concrete plant near the construction site is a profitable alternative to stationary concrete production enterprises. 

Concrete for construction must be fresh and of high quality. Only in this case does it ensure the necessary level of quality of construction work. Concrete mixture has a certain shelf life. It is quite difficult to guarantee the quality of imported concrete. During the delivery of concrete from the manufacturer to the construction site, any road troubles, delays, etc. can occur. Concrete, during transportation delaminates, lose its uniformity. Why take the risk?

Six reasons to buy a Concrete Batching Plant

Why do you take risks?

It is most reasonable to have a concrete batching plant next to your project to produce concrete. All you need is to buy a concrete batching plant. Camelway is a professional manufacturer of concrete batching plants that can produce large batches of concrete batching plant construction Equipment. Concrete batching plants are used to manufacture any quantity of concrete. Small mobile batching plants can produce concrete on the required scale. At the same time, the materials produced will meet all standards and regulations. Very suitable for projects with huge demand for finished concrete. Therefore, after formulating a high-quality business plan, there is no doubt that such a scheme is more profitable. The characteristics of modern concrete plants are movable, compact and adaptable.

The advantages of concrete plants are obvious

  1. High-quality concrete, its own concrete mixing station provides fresh and uniform concrete to the construction site without interruption, which fully meets the construction standards. The quality of the products produced by the factory is controlled by an automatic system. The operator does not participate in the process, but only monitors each stage of concrete mixture production. Fully automated is a guarantee of the quality of the concrete produced, which can ensure the clear and continuous operation of all units.
  2. Economic benefits, Own your own concrete plant-save a lot of money in buying and delivering concrete. Even small construction projects cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The equipment used to produce concrete can be easily and quickly assembled in new places. To manage a fully automated factory, a trained expert is sufficient.

  3. Quick payback No need to spend money on transportation of concrete, waste time waiting for the delivery of the next batch. A compact plant is able to provide concrete with several construction projects at the same time. At the same time, the cost of concrete is reduced several times. 

  4. Mobility and easy assembly, If necessary, the concrete plant is easily demolished and then transported to the new plant. For installing concrete equipment, there is no need to make special asphalt or concrete platforms for special foundations. The surface of the soil is smooth and dense enough. There is a water source (central water supply or drilling) and electricity next to the concrete batching plant.

  5. Weatherproof equipment allows you to use the concrete batching plant in any weather. Slightly improve the shell of the concrete mixing station, add heating equipment to the internal storage tank, and it can be used in winter. If the warehouse cannot be heated by central heating, a steam generator can be installed.

  6. Quickly start the concrete plant in the new place, you can start producing concrete batching plant within one to two days. For centuries, concrete has been the main material of construction because they can produce high-quality, uniform concrete, minimizing construction time and saving budget. The concrete batching plant greatly improves the profitability of the building and its effectiveness.

Why choose us

Camelway provides services to buy concrete plants at low prices. We work throughout Southeast Asia, and we always fulfill our obligations. We will help you build and start a concrete factory in the shortest time. Due to the optimization of all production processes, our prices are 20% lower than the market. The factory's foldable block design makes it easy to disassemble and transport equipment to the assembly site.

During the economic turmoil that affects all countries, before starting any business, the entrepreneur must first consider whether his ideas will work and whether he can realize all the plans. Building your own concrete production plant not only meets its needs, but also does not rely on concrete suppliers, it can also help other developers obtain high-quality mixtures. Therefore, buying Camelway equipment can give you full confidence in business development. We can also provide installments.

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