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Six Advantages of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


Maybe you have heard about the mobile concrete batching plant that exists in large projects. But do you know the benefits of having a mobile concrete batching plant in the project?

Concrete mixer trucks are an option for mobile concrete plants. They transport manufactured concrete from a fixed production plant to the work site where it is needed.

These fixed factories are usually a few kilometers away from the construction site, where traffic and other obstacles due to distance make it difficult to control quality and ensure that production is at an optimal level.

Through the mobile concrete batching plant, we saw a completely different situation. Continue reading to discover the main advantages of this machine in large projects.

Six Advantages of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The main advantages of the mobile concrete plant are:

#1- No large investment is required.

You don’t have to worry about the cost of buying the machine, you can rent the factory and store it in the work yard, and dispose of it at the time you need to work

#2- Control materials.

With a mobile concrete plant, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the concrete, because the engineer or construction manager can supervise the production of concrete to ensure that it meets quality standards.

#3- The correct dose.

The construction of the plant will allow the project to have the necessary amount of concrete every day without generating surplus, thereby avoiding damage to the project cost. It can also guarantee specific gravity, correct humidity and precise composition of materials.

#4- Manufacturing speed

You may forget the pain caused by transportation, limited transportation capacity or other circumstances that prevent the truck from delivering concrete goods from the concrete factory. Therefore, you can choose to produce on site, so that you can immediately produce and carry out your project as planned.

#5- Simplify the process.

The benefit provided by CAMELWAY is that you will have a group of well-trained professionals who will accompany you in the installation and production of concrete to ensure the correct application process, such as ensuring that the amount of material is sufficient.

This eliminates the need for training and control personnel to complete the precise work that concrete production should achieve.

#6- Quick assembly and disassembly.

As a mobile concrete batching plant, transfer and assembly does not require much time. The complete installation of the equipment can be completed within 1 to 2 days, and it is necessary to start construction without causing major trouble. Disassembly follows the same speed pattern.

This is mainly conducive to large-scale expansion projects, the factory must be relocated to carry out construction.

in conclusion

Compared with the mixer trucks that transport concrete when we talk about large projects, mobile concrete plants have huge advantages.

In large-scale projects, these benefits are possible because of the high demand for concrete there, and the need for efficient processes to progress and complete the work on time.

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