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Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale in Malaysia

Aaron posted this article in May 26, 2020

The self-loading concrete mixer combines feeding, mixing, transporting and dispensing functions in one, has reliable performance, is easy to drive and maintain. You can produce high-quality concrete anytime, anywhere for the customer, it is a trusted partner to builders.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer is very popular in Malaysia, because Self Loading Concrete Mixer has the same function as concrete batching plant, but the price is much cheaper than concrete plant, which is also the reason why it is popular in Malaysia.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale in Malaysia1


1. Feeding: The specially designed articulated hydraulic hopper ensures easy and precise feeding. The hopper is arranged with blades, so that the cement pack is cut. All materials are fed into the mixing drum by the hopper.

2. Mixing: The specially designed double helix device ensures the production of high quality concrete.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale in Malaysia2Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale in Malaysia3

3. Transport: You can work anywhere, no matter in what poor conditions, as it is equipped with a four-wheel hydraulic drive system. Even at full load, you can walk the 30 ° ramp.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale in Malaysia4

4. Unloading: The revolutionary design ensures that the mixing drum can rotate 300 ° so that the concrete can be unloaded in different directions.

5. Operation: In the rationally designed cab, the driver can carry out almost all operations by the actuation lever.

6. Safety: Camelway system gives comprehensive protection to the driver.

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