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QT8-15 Block Making Machine for Sale


Camelway produceQt8-15 Block making machine can realize multiple functions in one machine and produce various types of bricks through remodeling. By changing different molds, we can produce different specifications of permeable bricks, PC bricks, standard bricks, porous bricks, hollow blocks, road stones, pavement bricks, grass planting bricks, slope protection bricks and other cement products.

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QT8-15 automatic block making machine Features:

1. The machine adopts hydraulic system, the working process is very stable and reliable. The hydraulic machine is combined with effective vibration to make it shape, with high density and good quality
2. It is a practical machine with simple structure and beautiful appearance. It is especially suitable for the production of standard bricks, and can produce various paving bricks, porous bricks, road bricks, etc.
3. Reasonable material ratio has the ability to manufacture high-density standard bricks, and can be stacked directly.

QT8-15 automatic block making machine control system adopts PLC intelligent control. The man-machine interface and control system are equipped with complete logic control, production procedures, fault diagnosis system and remote control functions. Therefore, it does not require professionals, only simple training of operators.

If you want to know the model price and technical parameters of the block making machine, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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