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Most popular Concrete Batching Plants in Malaysia


Today, one of the most demanded equipment is a concrete batching plant, as it is the fastest payback and profitable equipment. Despite the crisis, concrete batching plants quickly bring profit to their owners due to the constant demand for concrete. Concrete units are produced, another fairly common name for concrete batching plants, with different configurations and performance.

Most popular Concrete Batching Plants in Malaysia

What kind of equipment is this "concrete plant" and what should you pay special attention to when buying?

A concrete plant or concrete mixing plant is an automated complex of equipment that can be used to produce high-quality and precise concrete (due to the use of precise sensors and distributors). Compared with stationary equipment, concrete equipment has the following advantages:

1.A convenient way of assembling and configuring the complex (on average, installation takes no more than a day), it is also quickly dismantled.

2.High level of finished product quality.

3.Waste-free production, as the concrete unit produces as much concrete as is actually required. With this complex, concrete can be produced at any time of the day or night.

4.The mobility and compactness of the concrete plant allow it to be placed on the construction site. And this unit can be transported even with a tractor, which significantly saves transportation costs.

5.The cost of the complex is less, thus the cost of the concrete produced will be lower.

Most popular Concrete Batching Plants in Malaysia1

concrete batching plant Configuration

If the choice is made in the direction of a concrete batching plant, then it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the quality indicators before buying a concrete batching plant:

1. concrete mixer (the most important and expensive unit);

2. weighing and dosing systems;

3. pneumatic gates;

4. motor and gearbox;

5. silos for the storage of cement;

6. augers.

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