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Mobile Crushing Plant for Sale


Camelway mobile crushing plant is It is widely used in mines, coal mines, garbage and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites. The mobile crushing plantflexible and convenient, and has strong maneuverability, it can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs; it can crush materials on site and move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, thereby greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials. The complete set of mobile crushing and screening equipment consists of primary crushing station, secondary crushing and screening station, belt conveyor, etc. The crushing stations at all levels are an independent working unit, it can fulfill their different responsibilities

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Mobile crushing plant Advantages:

  1. Strong mobility: The length of the mobile crushing station for tires is short, and different crushing equipment are installed on independent movable chassis respectively. The wheelbase is short and the turning radius is small.
  2. Integrated unit: The installation form of the integrated unit eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation operations of the split components and reduces the consumption of materials and working hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of the site.
  3. Reduce material transportation cost: The mobile crushing station can process materials on site without having to move the materials away from the site for reprocessing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.
  4. The operation function is direct and effective: the integrated series of mobile crushing stations can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the customer's material type and product requirements in the process, to meet the user's mobile crushing, mobile screening, etc. This requirement makes the production organization and logistics transfer more direct and effective, and the cost is maximized.
  5. Flexible combination and strong adaptability: the mobile tire crushing station can be composed of;first crushing and then sieve; according to different crushing process requirements, and can also form a ;sieve first and then crushing; process. The crushing station can be combined into coarse crushing according to actual needs. , Fine crushing two-stage crushing and screening system, can also be combined into coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing three-stage crushing and screening system, can also operate independently, with great flexibility.

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