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Mobile Concrete Pump For Sale in Philippines

Aaron posted this article in September 16, 2020

They are pumps that are towed with a tow vehicle. These pumps are piped to reach the desired site. According to the distance and height needs of the work, it is advisable to send equipment of certain characteristics of size, capacity, and power.

· Large Mobile Concrete Pumps: These are equipment that, due to their capacity and power characteristics, are used for high heights and distances.

· Medium Mobile Concrete Pumps: They are mobile concrete pumps that have a good range of reach, are lighter, and allow their movement and placement in an agile way.

· Small Mobile Concrete Pumps: They are pumps that have a limited pumping capacity. They can be used for short distances and heights, due to their size they are very easy to transport and install on-site.

Mobile Concrete Pump For Sale in Philippines

It can be used both as a pump to transport and spray concrete as well as to spray mortars and gunning. This is possible thanks to the special construction and dimension relationship of the pump-valve group and the configuration of the hydraulic circuit.

Mobile Concrete pump technical data

Concrete PumpUnitConcrete pump Types
Theoretical concrete delivery volume (H / L)m3/h405036/6035/6047/8046/80
Theoretical concrete delivery pressure (H / L)Mpa13137.6/12.59.6/15.77.6/12.59.6/15.7
Hydraulic pressureMpa31.531.532323232
Main oil pump
Electric motor powerk w455590110110132
Hydraulic oil tank volumeL300300500500500500
Hopper capacitym30.
Maximum theoretical delivery distanceVerticalm180180180250180250
Total weightkg350039005000520052005500

Mobile Concrete Pump For Sale in Philippines1

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