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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Sor Sale in Malaysia


mobile concrete batching plant for sale in malaysia

The malaysia mobile batching plant is a new type of mobile concrete batching plant that integrates feeding, weighing, lifting and mixing. The whole production process will focus on the loading, weighing and stirring of concrete production on a trailer unit; the man-machine interface is simple and clear, the work is stable and reliable, and it is suitable for various harsh environments; the whole machine design meets environmental protection requirements. The mobile performance is excellent; the double-shaft forced mixer is used, the continuous working ability is strong, the mixing is even and fast, and the movement and installation are very fast, and it is suitable for construction occasions with short construction period, long construction line and frequent transitions.

The malaysia mobile concrete batching plant is mainly used for mixing high-grade roads, paving concrete for urban roads, airport runways, roadbed concrete, roller compacted concrete, precast concrete, and commercial concrete for agitating buildings. The entire set of equipment is compact.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Sor Sale in Malaysia

The series of batching plant adopt modular design, flexible movement, convenient and fast assembly, free special foundation and no debugging. It takes only three days from installation to use. The control room, laboratory, maintenance room are all available, saving costs are the ideal equipment for engineering construction.

1. The double-shaft forced mixer is used as the supporting host. It has the advantages of fast stirring speed, wide mixing range and high quality of enamel. Can meet the needs of different users.

2. Adopting the national patented jog feeding technology to ensure dynamic measurement accuracy of ±1%.

3. The use of the national patented admixture metering scale pneumatic conveying device to measure and transport the admixture, completely avoiding the quality accident caused by the failure of the admixture system.

4, equipped with a touch screen, microcomputer, two sets of operating systems, manual, semi-automatic, automatic three working methods. Ensure that the equipment is running reliably.

5, comprehensive consideration of concrete process requirements, features are readily available. Unique ratio storage, automatic compensation for drop, automatic compensation of sandstone moisture content, under-weighing, over-scale alarm correction, recipe online modification, data saving, query, report, printing and other functions.

6, the use of aviation fast plug, factory pre-commissioning, to ensure installation, commissioning is fast and reliable.

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