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Mini Concrete Batching Plant Price

Aaron posted this article in June 04, 2020

Mini Concrete Batching Plant

Mini mobile concrete batching plant 15 m3. Capacity 15 m3 per hour. Designed to hold in a 40 Foot container. 1 skip-hoppers, 500/300 liter capacity mixer. 200 liter water tank. Automatic control of the mini concrete plant. This mini concrete plant is ideal for small construction companies or entrepreneurs who want to start a concrete manufacturing business! Camelway concrete plants are a guarantee of quality, durability and reliability. The concrete plant is produced on Camelway group technology, using components from the main European manufacturers!

Mini Concrete Batching Plant Price

Concrete Batching Plant Price List

You will find below the list of concrete batching plants Price. For more details please contact us.

Compact concrete plants: its capacity varies between 15 and 30 m3 per hour. As an option, it produces concrete blocks, pavers, curbs and chipboards. The price varies around $10000 .

35 m3 Concrete plants : It produces between 28 and 30 m3 per hour. We recommend it for those who are new to the field and cost is $25000.

50 m3 concrete plants: It produces between 45 and 50 m3 per hour. We recommend it for those who have orders to raise enough and it can fill up to 5 mixer trucks per hour. It costs around $35000.

60 m3 Concrete plants : It produces between 55 and 60 m3 per hour and it costs around 40000 US Dollars.

120 m3 Concrete plants : It produces between 115 and 120 m3 per hour and it costs around $ 80000.

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