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Mini Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Aaron posted this article in May 13, 2020

Mini Concrete batching plant is the most compact concrete equipment. Due to its characteristics, Mini Concrete batching plant price and size are very small, ideal for small construction companies. The plant is actively used directly on the construction site because the modular design allows you to remove the Mini batch plant from one facility and transport it to another facility within 3 days. For Mini batch plant, no foundation or foundation pit is required. The standard productivity of the mini batch plant is 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Use Twin-shaft concrete mixer.  The transportation of inert materials from the hopper to the concrete mixer is carried out by the hopper elevator produced by Camelway. Features of the tipping hoist: the hopper is equipped with a stabilizing system for stabilizing the load, a tipping winch with a mechanical anti-fall system, a tipping rail made of high-strength steel treated with anti-corrosion materials, and no need to install a cement pit, The path angle to the horizontal direction is 80 degrees. The inert material conveying distributor equipped with high-precision tension measuring equipment is responsible for the accuracy of measurement.

Mini Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer1

The automated concrete production control system developed by our engineers works based on camelway controller (Germany). Automated process control systems can produce products of uniform quality, minimize costs and completely eliminate human factors. The most important thing is that only one employee is enough to run the plant at full capacity!

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