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Malaysian concrete batching plant manufacturer

Aaron posted this article in September 04, 2020

The use of a twin-shaft concrete mixer has sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure strong mixing capacity, uniform, and rapid mixing, and can achieve good mixing effects for various dry, semi-dry, and plastic concretes. The multi-angle mixing arm design prevents the phenomenon of mixing balls. When the mixer is working, the mixing shaft rotates towards each other. Under the action of the mixing arm and the blade, the material moves in a boiling state. At the same time, under the shearing action of the mixing arm, the mixing To achieve the purpose of full mixing within time. The mixing arm and mixing blade are connected by bolts, which are convenient and quick to repair and replace. The unique shape of the mixing arm also participates in the mixing operation, so the mixing time is greatly shortened. In order to facilitate the adjustment and replacement after wear, each group of mixing blades can be easily adjusted in the direction of force wear until the replacement position. The blade is made of high-strength, impact-resistant, and wear-resistant cast iron.

Malaysian concrete batching plant manufacturer

Liner and blades——The arc liner is made of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy cast iron, and its performance indicators meet the requirements of JG/T5045.2-93, in which HRC≥54, impact value≥7.0Nm/mm2, bending strength≥600N/ mm2, the end lining plate is made of wear-resistant steel plate. The service life of the liner can reach 40,000 cans.

Due to the use of bolts, the replacement and position adjustment of the lining board are extremely convenient and quick. The mixing blade is made of high-strength, impact-resistant, and wear-resistant cast iron. Its performance indicators meet the requirements of JG/T5045.1-93, where HRC≥58, impact value≥5.0N.m/mm2, and bending strength 600N/mm2.

Deceleration system-The deceleration system adopts flywheel end synchronization, closed planetary deceleration, compact structure, high transmission efficiency, simple maintenance, long service life, and can be applied to concrete mixing with the different slump.

haft end seal-the shaft end support of the stirring shaft is separated from the shaft end sealing structure to prevent damage to the bearing when the sealing device fails, and an advanced pneumatic sealing system can be selected.

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