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Making concrete machinery and equipment on site

Aaron posted this article in September 09, 2020

When to apply concrete batching plant or on-site concrete?

Although we do not intend to delve into the specific needs of each case, we can establish a reference framework that is useful to us. In this sense, the size of the work can determine the initial limits in which we could choose one or another option to have lower costs and greater efficiency.

Making concrete machinery and equipment on site2

As a general rule, small and medium-sized DIY projects require a quantity of concrete less than 500 liters in total. From then on, they are industrial jobs that require machinery with greater capacity. This differentiation allows us to define the most appropriate construction tools according to the situation.

It is important to understand that in-situ or in-plant concrete requires 1 part cement (Portland or other), 2 parts gravel (fine or coarse), and 3 parts sand (dry or wet). These materials are essential, so their availability is essential. This whole process of mixing is what determines the duration of the work.

Making concrete machinery and equipment on site1

Many customers buy ready-made concrete before purchasing a concrete batching plant. The high price, coupled with long-term transportation of concrete segregation, the quality is not guaranteed, delaying the project process, so that some customers start to buy small concrete batching plant Come to produce concrete on site, which is efficient, energy-saving, time-saving, and cost-saving. After the project is completed, you can also use the concrete batching plant to sell concrete for profit.

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Making concrete machinery and equipment on site

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