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JS1000 Concrete Mixer For Sale in Philippines

Aaron posted this article in April 21, 2020

what is concrete mixer

Concrete mixer is a mixing machine that mixes cement, water, sand and various materials. It can quickly produce a large amount of concrete. It is generally used as a host for small HZS50 concrete mixing plants,But JS1000 concrete Mixer has a great use is what customers do not know, that is, used as a brick factory inside, because the brick factory needs a lot of concrete, but the labor cost is too high,Moreover, the proportion of artificially stirred concrete is not accurate, which results in the quality of the produced concrete is not reliable, so the quality of the produced concrete bricks is not so good, so many Philippines brick factories now choose to use the concrete mixer to produce Concrete, or with 25m3/h concrete batching plant to produce concrete, concrete mixer is part of concrete batching plant, both of which can produce concrete in proportion, in addition to producing various types of concrete, for example, C20 C30 concrete .

JS1000 Concrete Mixer For Sale in Philippines

JS1000 concrete mixer introduction in Philippines

The JS1000 is a forced twin-shaft concrete mixer that can mix most of the materials on the market.

JS1000 concrete mixer is suitable for all kinds of prefabricated component factories and industrial and civil construction projects such as water conservancy, roads, bridges, etc. Stir dry concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars. It can work independently and synthesize a simple mixing station with the corresponding batching unit. The machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short time, low energy consumption and low noise. The lining plate and the mixing blade are made of high-hardness and high-toughness wear-resistant alloy cast steel, which has a long service life. The main components of the electrical control system are imported components with excellent performance and high reliability.

The unloading height of the machine is 2.7m and 3.8m respectively (or user-defined), and the user can use it with a dump truck or a concrete mixer truck.

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