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Installation and commissioning of concrete batching plant

Aaron posted this article in June 08, 2020

Installation and commissioning of concrete batching plant

Introduce the installation and commissioning method of concrete batching plant: The correct installation and commissioning of the batching plant plays an important role in the installation and operation of the concrete batching plant. The technical level of the installation and commissioning personnel has an important influence on the quality of the equipment installation.

With the continuous expansion of the national infrastructure, the demand for concrete is also increasing. With the development of science and technology, concrete mixing technology has also made great progress, whether in urban construction, highway construction, railway construction, infrastructure construction, etc. Concrete is inseparable from each other, which also continuously improves the productivity of the concrete batching plant´╝îthat is, the continuity of equipment production,

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the scientific and rationality of the component design and configuration of the batching plant, the installation and commissioning of the concrete batching plant is also an important part related to the equipment and operation.

Installation and commissioning of concrete batching plant1

1. Installation of structural parts

1.1 Before installation, the staff need to be familiar with the drawings and relevant technical documents, select the appropriate lifting equipment according to the actual situation, and determine the installation plan according to the lifting equipment used.

1.2 Before installation, the staff should do a good job of inventorying and repairing each component, correct and repair the deformed and damaged components, make up for the missing parts, and make repairs for the missing drilled holes. Strict installation and welding process requirements are carried out during welding to prevent deformation.

1.3 The lifting equipment to be installed should be equipped according to the height of the roof, the quality of each part of the mixer and the standard height of the mixing platform combination, and select the appropriate lifting equipment.

2. Installation sequence, methods and requirements

First check whether the hopper is missing, damaged and hoist the hopper, and connect the hopper to the mixing layer platform and fix it.

After the mixer is installed and adjusted, and the measurement meets the requirements, the mixer can be hoisted. After the mixer is hoisted on the mixing platform, do not tighten the lock bolts connected to the platform. In order to adjust the position at any time.

The installation of admixture batching system, when installing the pipeline, must ensure that the discharge of the pipeline has at least a 45-degree inclined section to ensure the accuracy of the batching. When installing the pipeline, you should avoid bends, and seal the joints with raw tape to prevent leakage. And conduct a five-minute pressure test, the pressure is 0.7Mpa, there must be no leakage.

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