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HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant in Malaysia


Malaysia concrete batching plant introduction

The Malaysia HZS35 concrete batching plant produces 35 cubic meters of concrete per hour, with a cycle time of 72 seconds and a discharge height of 2.5-3.8 meters. The HZS35 concrete batching plant is suitable for small and medium-sized construction projects, precast parts plants, and commercial concrete.

HZS35 concrete batching plant has a JS750 concrete mixer, a PLD1200 batching machine, a cement weighing system, a water weighing system, two 60-ton cement silos, two LSY219 screw conveyors, and a control system composition. Note: Users of supporting equipment such as concrete tankers can choose by themselves.

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Malaysia concrete batching plant Details

A limit switch is installed on the cover of the concrete mixer. When the inspection door is opened, the mixing motor is automatically powered off for easy inspection and repair.

The shaft end of the concrete mixer adopts oil sealing technology to maximize the reliability of the shaft end seal.

The blades and lining plates are made of wear-resistant materials, which greatly improves the service life.

concret mixer

The cement measuring hopper is hung on the frame by the sensor, the structure is stable and the reliability is high.

Water weighing is hung on the rack by the sensor.

The additive measuring hopper is measured by a single lifting point sensor, and the material of the measuring cylinder is stainless steel.

Water weighing

The aggregate batching system is composed of an aggregate storage bin, metering hopper, and flat belt.

Four pull sensors are installed in the aggregate measuring hopper.

aggregate batching system1

Equipped with an air compressor with a compressed air displacement of 1m3.

The pneumatic main pipeline adopts aluminum-plastic pipe, and the connection between the solenoid valve and the cylinder adopts a galvanized female lock connector, high-quality sub-large pipe, and PU pipe.

Air compressor

The upper and lower parts of the cement silo are equipped with a level gauge.

In order to prevent the powder from arching, an air-blowing arch breaking device is installed at the core of the silo, and a solenoid valve is used to control the release of compressed air to break the arch of the powder.

cement soil

Malaysia Concrete Batching Plant site

Camelway has built concrete batching plants and concrete mixers throughout Malaysia. You can make an appointment to visit the nearest site.

HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant in Malaysia

Concrete Batching Plant for sale in Malaysia

Camelway specializes in the production of concrete batching plants for 37 years, with rich production experience, a unique technology for the production of concrete batching plants, and perfect after-sales service. Our equipment is installed in many cities in Malaysia.

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