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HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Philippines

Aaron posted this article in September 02, 2020

HZS25 concrete batching plant is a simple small concrete batching plant with automatic feeding function. The theoretical output is 25 cubic meters per hour. It is a semi-automatic concrete mixing machine composed of JS500 forced mixer, feed, batching, electrical control and steel structure. It is suitable for small-scale construction sites, prefabricated parts factories, small commercial concrete production plants and highway maintenance.

HZS25 concrete batching plant features

Camelway HZS25 concrete batching plant adopts JS series Twin - shaft concrete mixer, which has the advantages of uniform mixing concrete, short mixing time,  convenient operation and maintenance, etc. The semi-automatic batching plant control system is usually adopted, which adopts a new design The electronic weighing, computer control, digital display and other control technologies of the train of thought, electronic weighing all have buffer devices and automatic compensation functions, and the measurement accuracy is high. 

HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Philippines1

HZS25 concrete batching plant Footprint

3.8 Discharge , 4.5 meters legs: (js500 mixer length 7.3 meters, width 4.6 meters) + (pld800 batching machine length 5.8 meters, width 1.5 meters);

1.5 Discharge , 1.5 meters legs: (js500 mixer length 5.8 meters, width 3.3 meters) + (pld800 batching machine length 5.8 meters, width 1.5 meters);

HZS25 concrete batching plant price difference

The quotations currently provided on the Internet are reference prices, not real prices, because the HZS25 concrete plant is a simple type batching plant, each user's requirements are different, and the number of equipment is different, so the price of the HZS25 batching plant is not fixed. . The price can be determined by consulting our sales staff to determine the configuration.

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