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Hydraulic Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

Aaron posted this article in July 03, 2020

Concrete Mixer Truck is also called concrete transport truck, powder mixing tank truck, cement mixing tank truck, cement transport truck, bulk cement tank truck, etc.

Camelway produce concrete mixer truck adopt fully automatic computer CAD design technology. The tank body is fully automatic longitudinal welding process. The weld seam is firm and smooth. The tank body adopts straight-through or Y-type fluidized bed to optimize the interior and the external structure has the characteristics of low center of gravity and large volume. Its discharge speed and various tests are in line with industry standards. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, commerce, construction, etc.

mixer truck 1

Hydraulic concrete mixer truck characteristics:

This machine characteristic is that it does not rely on external power, the center of gravity and structure are optimized, the appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and generous, and the operation is stable. The hydraulic components are selected from good products of the enterprise. The mechanical components have reasonable structure, easy operation, and stable and reliable performance. When the truck is traveling halfway, the mixing drum can rotate continuously to avoid the occurrence of cement slurry dispersion and sedimentation and other undesirable phenomena, so to ensure the quality of the mixed cement slurry during transportation.

HJG-6 hydraulic concrete mixer truck technical parameters:

Model specifications

HJG-6 hydraulic concrete mixer truck

Geometric capacity of mixing drum m³


Feeding speed


Discharge speed


Filling ratio%


Axis inclination


Mixing drum speed


Inlet height


Discharge port minimum height


Mixing drum specifications


Tank thickness

Head plate thickness: 12mm, tank plate thickness: 5mm

Engine power


Engine fuel consumption

26.5 l/100km

Emission Standards

GB17691-2005 National IV

Driving speed




Overall dimensions


No-load machine quality


Heavy-duty machine quality

About 18000Kg

If you want to know the model price and technical parameters of the truck mixer, please don't hesitate to contact me

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