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How to plan and layout Concrete Batching Plant


How to layout Concrete Batching Plant

Ready-mixed concrete is one of the most widely used building materials in the world, it is also an industry encouraged by the world. In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's social economy and urbanization, my country's ready-mixed concrete industry has sprung up and developed rapidly, However, in the rapid development of the ready-mixed concrete industry,In many places, there have also been problems that the planning of concrete batching plants is not scientific enough and the layout is not reasonable enough. To solve the above problems, make the layout of ready-mixed commercial concrete batching plants more scientific and reasonable, and the layout of the points can be more standardized to meet the needs of the development of the situation. This article discusses how to rationally plan and layout concrete batching plants and put forward some opinions for your reference. 

How to plan and layout Concrete Batching Plant

1. Forecast of concrete demand

Investigate the current situation of the layout of ready-mixed commercial concrete batching plants in this area. Find out the name of the existing batching plant, design production capacity, actual output of the year, location area, actual demand of the year, etc.

2. Calculation method of concrete demand

Method 1: Demand for ready-mixed commercial concrete in a certain area (usage) = industrial and civil construction consumption + others

  Industrial and civil construction ready-mixed commercial concrete demand (usage) calculation method

   Forecast the completed area of the project in the future years: multiply the completed area by the empirical coefficient 0.33-0.35 to get the ready-mixed commercial concrete demand (or usage)

   For example: the completed area of a project in a certain year is 1 million square meters, and the upper empirical coefficient is 0.35, then the demand for ready-mixed commercial concrete (used amount) = 1,000,000 × 0.35 = 350,000 cubic meters = 350,000 cubic meters.

How to plan and layout Concrete Batching Plant1

Forecast of the number of concrete plant to be built

The ready-mixing system currently in use is classified according to the design output, mainly including 60 type (batching plant), 120 type (batching plant) , 180 type (batching plant) and 240 type (batching plant), 60 Type (batching plant)-installed capacity of 1 cubic meter, production rate of 60 cubic meters per hour, design capacity of about 150,000 cubic meters; 120 type (batching plant)-installed capacity of 2 cubic meters, production rate of 120 cubic meters per hour, designed capacity About 300,000 cubic meters; Type 180 (batching plant)---installed capacity of 3 cubic meters, production rate of 180 cubic meters per hour, design capacity of about 450,000 cubic meters; Type 240 (batching plant)—installed capacity of 4 cubic meters, productivity It is 240 cubic meters per hour, and the designed capacity is about 600,000 cubic meters. 

concrete batching plant Planning principles

  1. Give priority to urban construction needs. The development of the ready-mixed concrete industry must be coordinated with urban construction planning, conform to the trend of urban development and construction and the development trend of the ready-mixed concrete industry, and meet the demand for concrete in urban construction in terms of quantity and quality.
  2. Combine market regulation with government regulation. Fully consider that the ready-mixed concrete industry is prone to fall into a vicious competition dilemma, while giving full play to the market competition mechanism, it is necessary to strengthen the government's reasonable guidance and regulation of the development of the industry to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the ready-mixed concrete industry.
  3. Reasonable layout of batching plant space. In order to prevent the local distribution of batching plants from being too concentrated, the phenomenon of "pushing" and giving full play to the location advantages of each batching plant. On the basis of meeting the needs of key urban construction areas, and in accordance with the principle of “not only ensuring the needs of urban construction, but also preventing excessive competition”, the layout of batching plants should be reasonably set up. According to the planning requirements of the local ready-mixed concrete batching plant, the production capacity and quantity control targets of the concrete batching plant in the region are put forward. The main contents include: the number of ready-mixed concrete batching plants in the region in the next five years, and the implementation goals and guarantees for each year Measures
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