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How to choose the right mixer for Concrete Batching Plant

Aaron posted this article in August 11, 2020

For the concrete batching plant, the most important equipment is the concrete mixer,The quality of the concrete mixer directly affects the quality and production capacity of concrete, So how to choose concrete mixer for concrete batching plant?Generally speaking, the JS series twin-shaft forced mixer is commonly used in construction engineering, This type of mixer has the advantages of good mixing quality, long life, and a high degree of automation.

How to choose the right mixer for Concrete Batching Plant

  1、The configuration should have protective devices, reasonable design, stable operation, and ensure the service life of the concrete mixer and the occurrence of various failures.

  2、High quality. As the main machine of the batching plant, a concrete mixer is a machine that is more prone to failure. Especially for vulnerable parts, high-quality wear-resistant materials should be used.。

  3、Mixing is diversified. As a construction engineering machine, a mixer that can mix a variety of concrete is very necessary, especially for the concrete precast plant, the JS concrete mixer can mix various types of concrete materials, which expands the business of the company Scope to increase profit opportunities。

  4、High efficiency, the highest mixing efficiency in the current concrete mixer market is the JS forced concrete mixer. For specific JS concrete mixer information, you can click on our customer service consultation or call our customer service consultation hotline.

  5、Highly automated concrete mixers can save labor and reduce the additional expenditure of commercial concrete batching plants.

  In addition to paying attention to the above points when choosing a concrete mixer, you also need to consider the shape of the mixed concrete material and the demand for concrete. Common concrete has several mixture forms such as dry powder, solid, and liquid. The amount of demand can determine the scope and save money.

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