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How to Choose a Concrete Batching Plant

Aaron posted this article in April 21, 2020

There are so many manufacturers of concrete mixers on the market, and the brands are also dazzling for consumers. Faced with so many manufacturers and product categories, how to choose concrete mixers, what are the reference indicators, how to choose is suitable for yourself? According to our many years of work experience and experience in communicating with manufacturers in the same industry, we have compiled the following items for your reference:

1. According to the user's own total project and project duration, so many times blindly choose products that exceed their own needs, in fact, it is easy to cause waste of production capacity. The waste of early investment should be strictly calculated according to their actual needs. If it is slightly exceeded, if the total amount of concrete works is very large and the project cycle is very long, then it is recommended to use a large stationary concrete mixer or a small concrete mixing plant. Of course, if the amount of earthwork is small and the cycle is short, then mobile The small and medium mixer is your best choice.

How to Choose a Concrete Batching Plant

2. According to the actual needs of the construction of the work project, look at the composition and viscosity of the actual concrete mixture. If the viscosity of the mixing material is large and the bone particles are large, the mixing drum speed should be selected. Fast self-propelled mixer; if it is only a small viscosity and a small particle size, the forced concrete mixer, or the small and medium-capacity conical reverse discharge mixer is your best choice; of course, if When the viscosity of the agitation is small, the large-volume self-propelled rolling mixer is your best choice.

3. It can be selected according to the concrete type of the project. For example, when the concrete is plastic or semi-plastic, the rolling mixer is the most suitable and is your best choice. If the concrete is a high-strength or lightweight concrete, the forced concrete mixer is your first choice. These are all from a few ideas, to provide you with a big reference direction, the specific purchase should ask the manufacturer's pre-sales engineers, because although the product model parameters are almost mixed, but there are still small differences between different manufacturers In short, the choice of concrete mixer should refer to all aspects, is a comprehensive choice, can not just refer to a certain indicator to make a decision, the previous review and comparison to understand, is the protection of your later peace of mind.

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